Driver guidance and development programme

Your early years in Motorsport can be the most daunting and challenging, yet they are also the most important in shaping rest of your career! We understand how critical it is for you to have a team you can rely on and work with to achieve the best results. As with many others over the years, our experience and tools are available to help guide you both on the track and off it, to ensure your development and skills are honed in best way possible.


All drivers are encouraged to access our state-of-the-art Simulator. Comprising of the most up to date software, laser-scanned tracks and data overlay, an experienced driver coach will work with you before each track outing or as much as needed to hone your driving techniques, circuit understanding and boost your confidence, leaving precious on-track testing time dedicated to advanced learning.

Off track and off driving!

Richardson Racing is keen to ensure this is enjoyable for you as well as successful! Advice and help is free, so we don’t mind showing you the right way for anything else. Be it the best hotels at venues, or even a nutritionist and sports coach! Our goal is that everything is as simple as it should be.

Career Progression

Our hope is that like others before you, you will continue to climb the Motorsport ladder with us. Every step up along your chosen career path is another new difficult challenge, but our offer is to help reduce that by enabling you to stay with a team you know and have built your foundations with. The many benefits of this include that we know how you like to work already, there’s no fresh relationship hurdles, you know what to expect so the focus is always on the driver’s development.

Anything Extra

The focus is all about the driver and making sure they achieve their maximum potential. So the support doesn’t end at the sim or the circuit. A common concern for young drivers is their confidence about their car control, then it’s great plan to arrange with you and organise some car control/skid pan work. Should there be anything holding them back, we’ll look for a fast solution.